The Casper Funkhouser Home

Location: One and a half miles west of Mt. Jackson, Virginia, on Ornkey Grade on the right side of the road.

Built: circa 1776


Jacob Funkhouser bought the property in 1775 and deeded it to Andrew Funkhouser, 2 Oct 1856.

Andrew Funkhouser, 2 Oct 1856

Casper Funkhouser, 20 Mar 1874

James H. Ruebush, 4 Apr 1899

Dr. Edgar B. Funkhouser, 10 Nov 1900

Hayes Funkhouser, 23 Aug 1932

Physical Description

This two and a half story "ell" shaped log house with metal hipped roof is very large. The outside has been replastered several times. It has a large porch across half the front of the house. Large chimneys are at each end and in the middle. The doors are made in the old-time way with hand hammered latches with curved handles. This house has eighteen windows with four 18x20 panes.

There are four large and six small rooms with seven and ten foot ceilings. Under part of the house is a plain, stone walled cellar. There are fireplaces in nearly every room.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 1 2001