The Crisley Gochenour Home

Location: Two miles southwest of Saumsville, Virginia, on Route 652

Built: circa 1800


Accurate records of this old home could not be traced.

Crisley Gochenour and his brother, Joe, owned homes on opposite sides of the road. They were supposed to have been sons of John Gochenour, but it is not known who built these homes. They are similar in appearance.

Physical Description

The front of this house is almost level with the ground, but the rear has a high wall, as it was built against a hillside. Old trees and shrubs are in the large yard, which is surrounded by a picket fence. The house has retained its original rectangular shape.

The house, itself is a two and one half story log structure with a metal gabled roof. There are three inside brick chimneys and seventeen windows with twelve 8x10 panes. There is a porch on the entire front and south ends of the house with square posts and no balusters.

Six large and two small rooms with eight and one half foot ceilings are on the interior of the house. There is a cement cellar that was formerly flagstone. The walls are plastered and papered and the original floors have all been replaced.

Historical Significance

This is one of the early homes of the pioneers of Shenandoah County.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 1 2001