The Charlotte Keller Home

Location: One and one half blocks south of the Court House, on the east side of Main Street in Woodstock, Virginia

Built: circa 1780


13 Jan 1773, Adam Yeager, et al. to Joseph Yeager

7 Oct 1800, Joseph Yeager to Benj. Wolfinberger

8 Apr 1801, Benj. Wolfinberger to Henry Conrade

8 Sep 1806, Henry Conrade to Daniel Maderia

9 Jun 1807, Daniel Maderia to George Shrum

13 Jun 1814, George Shrum to William Haddox

28 Apr 1832, William Haddox to John Sibert and others

4 Feb 1837, John Sibert and others to Isaac Rama

19 Sep 1839, Isaac Rama to John Rumback

29 Apr 1844, John Koontz, Commissioner, to Reuben Walton and David Rodeffer

20 Jan 1845, Reuben Walton, et al. to Peter Anderson

24 Dec 1849, Peter Anderson to David Gillock

10 Mar 1853, David Gillock to William F. Krebbs

18 Jun 1874, William F. Krebbs to Charlotte Keller

Charlotte Keller, deceased, intestate

18 Jun 1899, G. Hupp Keller to Mary J. Keller

16 Sep 1900, F.S. Tavenner, Special Commissioner, to Mary J. Keller

19 May 19332, F.S. Tavenner, Jr., Special Commissioner, to Lorraine F. Brown

Physical Description

This plain, tall two and one half story "ell" shaped house is built of logs and is weather boarded. The metal, gabled roof is steep and narrow with one chimney at the south end, and two smaller chimneys at the other ends of the house. There are fifteen windows with twelve 8x10 panes and shutters with stationary slats. It stands on the street with two side porches with square posts and no balusters.

Inside the house are four large and two small rooms with eight foot ceilings. The walls are papered and the original floors have all been replaced. There is a small cellar with a packed ground floor.

Historical Significance

This was one of the early homes of Woodstock, built of logs which were sawed nearby when Woodstock was heavily timbered. Very fine lumber was used, as is still evident by the wide beaded weatherboarding. Many prominent citizens of Shenandoah County have owned this house.

Adam Yeager was one of the trustees for the town of Woodstock when the Act was passed in 1761.

Daniel Maderia represented Shenandoah County in the Virginia House of Delegates from 1807 until 1812.

George Shrum was a citizen of note in Shenandoah County.

Dr. William F. Krebbs of Woodstock was breeding thoroughbred horses around the time of the beginning of the Civil War.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 1 2001