The Charles Maurer Home

Location: About the middle of the village of Maurertown, on the west side of Route 11

Built: about 1825


Originally, the land was owned by Nicholas Doll (Dull) who was a large land holder and obtained part of a grant from the Proprietor's Office of the Northern Neck of Virginia, by deeds dated October 30 & 31, 1782. Deed Book E, page 69

Charles C. Maurer was married to Susannah Doll, the daughter of Nicholas Doll, on 22 Feb 1822.

21 Mar 1828: From Charles Maurer and Susannah, his wife, to his brother Frederick Maurer, mention is made of this tract as being a part of the land the said Charles Maurer and wife claim and hold as joint heirs of Nicholas Doll, lately deceased. Deed Book GG, page 439-40

This house was later owned by Joseph Yew, for about sixty years, then by his heirs, and others, and in 1937, was in the possession of Claude Yew, grandson of Joseph Yew.

Physical Description

This house was made of logs, chunked and daubed, with rough overhead beams with lime, whitewashed walls. A wide hall ran through the house, dividing a room on each side, with a lean-to kitchen in the rear. Very wide rough boards were used for floors. There are chair rails throughout the house. The stairway was wide, but plain, with smooth round hand rails, open string, and small square balusters. Doors were wide and heavy, batten lined with six panel, two crosses, iron latches and long iron bar hinges. A steep shingle roof which sloped over the front porch, gave a wide effect to the front of the house, while the back was shorter. The porch had long front steps in the middle, with champed posts and railing balusters. This house was torn between 1920 and 1940 and a newer one built in its place.

Historical Significance

Charles C. Maurer was one of the first settlers of Maurertown. It is said that he laid out the village, and from him it gets its name. He was a man of education and importance, and was an agent for Claims in Germany, as appeared in a newspaper notice of 1 Sep 1842.

Maurer also operated a soap factory on or near the site of his home. This home was for a long time known as "The Toll-Gate" from large gates across the Valley Pike where toll was collected.

Charles C. Maurer was born 10 Dec 1794 in Germany. His father was Johann Christopher Maurer, and his mother was Catharine A., born Miller, all of the Princedom of Waldec.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 1 2001