The Cooper Foltz Home

Location: Three miles west of Lantz Mill on the south side of Stony Creek

Built: about 1801


25 Jun 1778: Adam Rader, sole executor of the last will and testament of Adam Rader, dec'd., sold to Ulrich Waggoner. Deed Book D, page 5

8 Jun 1801: Ulrich Wagoner in his will, devised land to his daughter Betty's son, Joshua Foltz. Probated 8 Jun ?. Will Book E, page 431

11 Sep 1871: Joshua Foltz, in his will, devised to his son, Robert Foltz, all his real estate. Probated 11 Sep 1871. Will Book 15, page 120

8 Apr 1901: Robert Foltz, in his will, devised to his son, James C. Foltz, his home farm. Probated ? Apr 1901. Will Book 26, page 412

14 Feb 1927: James C. Foltz, in his will, devised to his son, Charles Cooper Foltz, his home farm. Probated 14 Feb 1927. Will Book 36, page 446

Physical Description

This house is a two and one half story, "ell" shaped, log house with a metal roof and three brick and stone chimneys. The weatherboarding on the sides is plain. At the porches, there are up and down strips. The cornices are plain wood. There are twenty seven windows with small panes and plain, stationary shutters. The porch has small square posts and the entrance is by means of Holy Doors with six-pane transom, and also by means of a Dutch door.

There are twelve rooms, ten of which are large. The ceiling height is ten feet. The stairway has solid railing and there is a wainscot in the hall and in some rooms. The cellar has limestone walls, and doors of heavy, wide boards. The doors are six panel and probably of pine. The walls are papered or painted and there are wood partitions. There are old iron latches of a special slide type, and half-strap hinges set in a round eye which screwed into the frame. The floors are of wide boards fastened with homemade nails. The mantels are plain stone.

Historical Significance

There are several highlights in Wayland's History of Shenandoah County concerning the Foltz, Rader and Wagoner families.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 1 2001