The Daniel B. Clem Home

Location: Powell's Fort Valley, three miles south of Detrick, Virginia, on Route 74

Built: Unknown


15 Oct 1821: Jacob McKay and Mary, his wife, (who was Mary Knisely, a legatee of George Knisely) sold to Jacob Burner for the sum of 70 pounds, several tracts of land lying in Powell's Big Fort. (Connection lost, except that it is said that Jacob Burner's daughter married Daniel Clem.)

8 Nov 1887: Daniel B. Clem sold to John A.G. Clem and Sarah C. Clem, and George A.G. Clem, two tracts of land for the sum of $1,300.00.

Physical Description

This old home stands on a gravel hill near the road, with a fine view on all sides. It has a very home-like appearance and is an interesting place to visit. The front of the house is built of heavy boards, standing vertically, while the rest of the house has the regular weatherboarding. There are wide porches in front and on one side of the house with champed posts and gates. The back porch roof is a lean-to. The house has a large yard with old time shrubbery and is surrounded by a neat picket fence.

Historical Significance

This is one of the early homes of the Big Fort. "Little Fort" is the smaller valley lying alongside the "Big Fort" as it is known.

This home has preserved the early customs of living more than is usually found. Among them was noted the large shelf above the front door, running the entire length of the front porch, and upon was place the winter's supply of apple butter -- twenty one large stone crocks full of apple butter.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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