The Daniel D. Downey Home

Location: Two and one half miles south of Edinburg on the west side of Route 11

Built: circa 1875


10 Dec 1799: One tract of land conveyed by Nicholas Pence to Jacob Pence. Another Tract conveyed by Peter Pence to Jacob Pence, both dated 10 Dec 1799.

18 Jun 1838: Jacob Pence, Sr., sold to his son, Joseph Pence

1 Mar 1883: Henry Carper and Perry Pence, Exec. of the last will and testament of Jacob Pence, dec'd., convey to Mary Downey, the widow of Jackson Downey, for the sum of $2945.66, a tract of land known as Jacob Pence's home farm, beginning at the west edge of the old stage road, containing about 123 acres.

13 Mar 1886: Mrs. Mary A. Downey, widow, conveyed to Daniel D. Downey.

Physical Description

This plain simple home shows the original walls upstairs, which are of chunked and daubed logs, then whitewashed. The downstairs walls have been covered with wall board and papered. One is first attracted by the unusual open stairway without handrail or balusters.

Historical Significance

This house was built from the logs of Old Bethel Church, which stood about one mile away, and was torn down about 1875. It was then said to have been 100 years old, and was the "Bethel" in which the famous Bishop Asbury preached on 18 Aug 1790.

This timber was bought for $15.00 from Tiffon Allen, one of the trustees of Bethel Church. Mrs. Downey states that she raised ten children in this $15.00 house and not one of them ever fell down the rather dangerous looking flight of open stairs.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 2 2001