The Doll Home

Location: South Maurertown, Virginia, on the west side of Route 11

Built: circa 1817


Nicholas Doll owned a large tract of land.

Peter Doll built the house in 1817.

Peter Doll willed the property to George and Susan Doll.

George and Susan Doll willed it to Clara Doll Shrum, who owned it in 1937.

Physical Description

This home is probably the oldest house in Maurertown, Virginia. It is about the same age as the Maurer home, which was not standing in 1937. It was built in the forest, trees were cut down from the place to build the house, which was of logs and then weather boarded. This home had not been out of the Doll family as late as 1937.

It is a long old-line house, formerly having a one-story with entry in the larger part of the house. This one-story was later rebuilt and a long porch running the length of the house, sixty feet, replaces the old-time portico.

An alcove is in the center of this long porch, from which three doors enter into three different rooms. Three other front doors also allow entrance into the rooms at the ends of the house. A large easygoing stairway winds up from a middle room into a wide hall above. Another small winding stairway leads up from the kitchen. Six low-ceilinged rooms are upstairs, while there are five large ones downstairs. Stone chimneys stand at each end of the house, with a fireplace in the north room. Heavy six panel doors with iron latches are in the old part of the house.

The front kitchen door is two ply or batten lined, with four wide, heavy boards and iron bar hinges inside. The interior woodwork is probably of pine, heavily painted. The walls have been papered and the floors remodeled. The roof is gabled and covered with tin.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 2 2001