The Dr. Humston Home

Location: Two miles south of Edinburg, Virginia, on the west side of Route 11

Built: circa 1800


1 Jul 1799: Walter Denny and Jane, his wife, sold to Martin Betz, land which was granted to Walter Denny by the Proprietor's Office bearing the date 28 May 1772 Deed Book M, page 102

9 Jun 1806: Martin Betz and Elizabeth, his wife, sold to John Russell. (John Russell said to have sold to J.S. Arthur, missing this link.) Deed Book ?, page 172

6 Apr 1840: James B. Arthur sold to Philip Pitman. Deed Book RR, page 519

9 Mar 1843: Philip Pitman and Mary S., his wife, sold to Nathaniel I. Humston. Deed Book TT, page 457

22 Jan 1857: Nathaniel I. Humston, Sr., sold to N.I. Humston, Jr. Deed Book 4, page 170

Probated 13 Jan 1906: N.I. Humston devised in his last will and testament to his wife, Carrie Humston, all real estate. Will Book 28, page 319

7 Mar 1931: Philip Williams, Spl. Comm. for heirs of Carrie Humston, dec'd. sold to W.W. Zirkle. Deed Book 107, pages 315-318

12 Apr 1932: W.W. Zirkle and Ada C. Zirkle, his wife, sold to Gladys E. Johnson. Deed Book 109, page 334

16 Aug 1933: Gladys E. Johnson and Ray E. Johnson, her husband, sold to H.E. Duncan and Ina Duncan, his wife. Deed Book 112, page 381

23 Jun 1934: H.E. Duncan and Ida P. Duncan, his wife, sold to Zella F. Morgan. Deed Book 114, page 188

11 Apr 1935: Zella F. Morgan and John M. Morgan, her husband, sold to Charles Owen Maphis. Deed Book 116, page 188

23 May 1936: Charles Owen Maphis and Jessie F. Maphis, his wife, sold to Theodore Kehoe and Etta, his wife.Deed Book 118, page 451

Physical Description

This rectangular two and one half story log home has a gabled metal roof with three chimneys, two brick inside and one stone outside. There are nineteen windows, those upstairs having nine 8x10 panes and those downstairs having six 8x10 panes. There are no shutters. The entrance is a portico with three railings for balusters and a four-panel door.

The interior has eight large and two small rooms with eight and one half foot ceilings. The stairway is open-string, two-flight with round newel and handrail. There is a cellar under the entire house with a packed ground floor.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 2 2001