The David Rodeffer Home

Location: Woodstock, Virginia, east side of Main Street, one and one half blocks north of the Court House.

Built: prior to 1832


1 Sep 1835: Jacob Roemer sold to David Rodeffer. Whereas, Christian Burgner by his deed of trust bearing date of May 1, 1832, conveyed to Jacob Roemer as trustee for William W. Magruder, William Anderson and others, after advertising for sale on July 25, 1835. This is the same house and lot in which Christian Burgner resided. It was sold to David Rodeffer for $240.00.

1 Apr 1876: James H. Rodeffer, administrator, of David Rodeffer, deceased, sold to R.L. Roberts.

4 Dec 1885: Joseph S. Irvin, trustee under will of Margaret E. Roberts, deceased, sold to Mahlon G. Feller.

6 Sep 1900: Mahlon G. Feller and Alice E., his wife, sold to Annie M. Cline.

Mrs. Annie E. Cline was the mother of Mrs. Pearl Cline Petitt, who is the present (1937) owner.

Physical Description

This building was made of logs and later weather boarded. It still retains some of the original woodwork, but has been remodeled. The house is located right on the street and has a narrow porch, also a small back yard.

Historical Significance

One of the earliest homes built by the pioneers of the Valley. Dr. W.S. Cline lived in this home for about 25 years.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 12 2001