The David Schrickel Home

Location: On the west side of Route 610, one mile south of Orkney Springs, Virginia.

Built: 1852 or 1854


3 Feb 1852: Lot No. 3, of the John Zelering estate was allotted to Andrew Funkhouser.

May 1854: Andrew Funkhouser and Elizabeth, his wife, sold to John Ryman.

2 Apr 1866: John Ryman and Hannah, his wife, sold to Aaron Moore.

1 Oct 1877: John Moore sold to Sarah Funkhouser (nee Swartz) the Aaron Moore estate.

18 Nov 1890: Sarah Swartz willed to Sophia Hepner and her two children by her husband, David Hepner.

8 Nov 1928: Arthur J. Hepner sold to C.F. Custer and Myrtle R., his wife.

16 Jan 1932: Charles Custer and Myrtle R., his wife, sold to David L. Schrickel and Annie C., his wife.

Physical Description

This is a typical log house. It is as first built with exception of the addition of a kitchen on the north side which was built of logs in the same manner.

It has a large stone fireplace in the room which has recently been faced with brick. The doors are batten; the stairway narrow with triangular steps at the turn.

Historical Significance

This was a part of the large John Zelering estate, and not much history is known about it (1937).

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 12 2001