The Eugene Dillinger Home

Location: South side of Mill Creek and Orkney Grade, about two miles west of Mt. Jackson on Orkney Grade.

Built: circa 1791


5 Mar 1791: Adam Pennywit and Sarah, his wife, County of Bourbon, district of Kentucky and State of Virginia, sold to Jacob Funkhouser of Shenandoah County and State of Virginia, land granted by patent the 27th day of June 1787 to John Pennywit and by him conveyed to Adam Pennywit 25 Jan 1791.

14 Nov 1791: This land was granted by patent to Jacob Funkhouser and later divided with other land of Jacob Funkhouser.

26 Sep 1801: Jacob Funkhouser willed to his wife, Dowatha, and children according to age: George, David, Mary, Jacob, Abraham, Joel, Dowatha, Daniel and John.

12 Jan 1878: M.L. Walton; I. Hite Bird and L. Triplett, Spec. Comms., sold to J. W. Miller, the John P. Funkhouser farm and Chas. Moore estate, being said land Jacob Funkhouser, dec'd. possessed.

31 Jul 1882: J.W. Miller and Sallie, his wife, sold to Isaac and George Foltz.

9 May 1910: Susan C. Foltz (widow) sold to Eugene Dillinger 65 acres of land more or less and bldgs. thereon.

Physical Description

This is a very artistically built house of substantial size. The pillars are supported by scrolled triangular braces and the same trim is used to support the eaves. The windows and doors have round tops and are very tall. Double doors with elaborate trim are used at every entrance.

The two front halls are very large and have a landing and circular rail at the stairways. The newel posts are octagonal. The rooms are large and were arranged so that the owners could keep open house. While the exterior of the house is elaborately decorated, the interior appears to have been kept very plain.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 2 2001