The Etta Fry Home

Location: On Route 709, six miles west of Mt. Jackson, Virginia, on the east side of Buck Hill

Built: 1750


22 Sep 1840: The Court of Virginia divided the land of John Frye, deceased, allotting Lot No. 1 to George Frye and Lot No. 2 to Moses Frye, Lot No. 1 being the property on which the mansion stood.

Deed or will from George Frye to Edward Frye not found.

27 May 1922: Edward Fry willed to his wife, Ettie R. Fry, above recorded 27 Jun 1925.

Physical Description

This is a large log house that is partially plastered on the outside, with the rest being weather boarded. Part of the first floor porch is enclosed, forming a pantry or closet. The rooms are of plaster, finished as well as ceiled, and the doors are of the "holy" design. The house is built to give the impression of greatness.

Historical Significance

At one time this house had portholes in it, which Mr. Bob Fry and Mr. Frank Farrer said were used in defense against Indians. If this is true, the house is older than the probable date of construction that is given.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 2 2001