The Frank Crabill Home

Location: One and one half miles southeast of Maurertown, Virginia on Route 661

Built: circa 1800


George Shaver, in his last will, devised to his daughter, Catherine, wife of John Gochenour. Deed Book N, page 537

13 Feb 1869: Wesley Emswiller and Sarah C., his wife, Ashur Rickard and Rebecca, his wife, Daniel Saum and Mary E., his wife, Barbara E. Maphis and Rachael Ann Maphis, heirs of Mary Maphis, late Mary Gochenour, solt to Joseph T. Baker land which John Gochenour died seized and possessed, and is a part of land devised by George Shaver, deceased, to Catherine Gochenour, wife of John Gochenour. Deed Book 9, page 81

11 Apr 1881: Joseph T. Baker and wife sold to Moritz Gochenour. Deed Book 23, page 392

15 Mar 1886: Moritz Gochenour sold to R.F. Crabill. Deed Book 29, page 236

Sarah E. Crabill died intestate, 16 May 1924, and leaving as her only heirs at law, R.F. Crabill, her husband, and the following children: E.L. Crabill, Vernie C. Burner (nee Crabill), William L. Crabill, P.F. Crabill and Samuel O. Crabill. Deed Book 103, page 190

Whereas, R.F. Crabill died on March 7, 1929, on April 9, 1929, E.L. Crabill and Grace, his wife, Vernie C. Burner and C.R. Burner, her husband, W.L. Crabill and Carrie, his wife, P.F. Crabill and Ethel, his wife, sold to Samuel O. Crabill and Mary, his wife.

Physical Description

This two and one half story house has a metal gabled roof with two brick inside chimneys. There is an old time portico with fancy carved balusters and square hollow posts. The entrance is a four panel, one cross door with a transom.

There are ten large rooms with nine foot ceilings. There is a cellar under one room with a packed ground floor. The walls are papered and one room is wainscoted with irregular boards. There is a chair raiil throughout the house. The doors have outside locks and common hinges. The floors are wide boards with large logs underneath for support.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 12 2001