The George Eberly home, Strasburg, Virginia

The George Eberly Home

Location: 222 West King Street, Strasburg, Virginia.

Built: circa 1800


12 Feb 1797: George Foegdly to George Grim. Deed Book M, page 16

28 Mar 1799: George Grim to George Fisher, Sr. Deed Book M, page 220

Jun 1812: George Fisher, Sr. to Jeremiah Eberly. Deed Book T, page 132

15 Sep 1824: Jeremiah Eberly willed to his son, Jeremiah Eberly. Will Book M, page 430

10 Aug 1874: George Eberly willed to his son, John and his daughter, Ellen. Will Book 16, page 278

15 Apr 1912: John Eberly willed to his sister, Ellen Eberly. Will Book 30, page 428

15 Apr 1912: Ellen Eberly willed to surviving children of brother, William Eberly. Will Book 31, page 455

15 May 1917: Executors of Ellen Eberly and her heirs conveyed to M.L. Walton, Jr.. Deed Book 84, page 96

15 May 1917: M.L. Walton, Jr. conveyed to George B. Eberly. Deed Book 84, page 99

7 Feb 1919: George B. Eberly sold to W.R. Cline. Deed Book 86, page 84

Physical Description

A plain log house, weather boarded, with two chimneys of stone, one outside with a brick top, the other inside. The inside chimney is 14x8 feet and holds a ten foot log. There are five fireplaces with long, narrow mantels.

The rear wing of the house is five steps lower than the front. The front entrance of two steps is right from the street into the long narrow hall, which has a closed winding stairway with a landing on the second floor; it then ascends to the attic.

The walls are plastered, with partitions of wide, hand planed pine boards, rabbit joined. The doors have two crosses and six panels. The cellar under the entire house has a packed ground floor. The under girders are of walnut, full sized logs, hewn flat on two sides. All hardware has been changed, formerly there were old bar hinges and wooden locks. The house has eleven rooms.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

Photo contributed by Jim Artz.

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