The George Planger Home

Location: This house is on the east side of Buck Hill and is two tenths of a mile west of the road. Turning in the lane at Custus Fadley's, Mount Jackson, Virginia.

Built: 1853


11 Mar 1853: Philip P. Swarts and Susan, his wife, sold to George Planger, a lot of land on Buck Hill.

8 Jul 1856: George Planger and Catharine, his wife, sold to William Henry Planger.

8 Aug 1899: The Court sold to David F. Trawa, the George Planger land.

Physical Description

This is a typical two and one half story, oblong log house with gabled shingled roof. The logs are very large, and the daubing is as when first put in. Even the partitions for the rooms are of logs, hand hewn.

There are two large rooms with seven foot ceilings. The stairway was formerly a ladder but has been changed to open steps. The floors are of wide boards with shop-made nails.

Historical Significance

The builder of this house fought in the Civil War.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 15 2001