The Harry Bauserman Home

Location: On Route 719 near Pleasant View Church about four and one half miles west of . Jackson, Virginia.

Built: 1818


16 Sep 1837: Michael Lindawood and Elizabeth, his wife, sold to John Bowman, Jr., of Rockingham County three acres of land. On which was conveyed from Mary Denham to Andrew Lindawood the Elder in 1767, another from Joseph Ryman and Elizabeth, his wife, to Andrew Lindawood the Elder Sept. 12, 1803. The third tract was sold to Andrew Lindawood the Elder by Comm. of Va., Aug. 18, 1789. (No records of deeds found on records earlier than 1837).

16 Nov 1850: John Bowman, Jr., and Catherine, his wife, sold to Reuben Bosserman.

24 Sep 1860: September Court 1860 completed July 9, 1866, Division of land on Reuben Bosserman, Mary, his widow's share.

16 Apr 1881: Mary Bosserman willed to her son, Raphael C. and Sept. 29, 1911, Raphael C. Bauserman willed to his son, Harry H.

Physical Description

On this property is a building which was originally built over a spring, and still stands on the same site. In 1919 it was torn down and rebuilt on the same foundation. All the old logs, doors, etc. were used in the building, the only new lumber use was the weatherboarding.

On one of the doors in this building nails have been driven nails which form the number 1818. So this familiar with the property think the property or building was erected at that time. In 1919, Harry Bauserman tore down this building and rebuilt it with the same logs, just a hundred years from the data of the first building.

There are only two rooms in this building, one where the spring is and one above. The doors are of double boards nailed together, and the whole building is sealed ten or twelve inch babitted boards. The hinges are full strap with steeples.

Historical Significance

It is not known whether this building was built or remodeled at this time, no one living remembers. But it is thought it was built at that time.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 15 2001