The H.D. Coffman Home

Location: On the east side of the highway (Route 11) in Hawkinstown, Virginia; the highway forms the main street

Built: about 1820


1 Nov 1822: Benjamin Hawkins and Mary, his wife, sold to Samuel Windle for $300.00, one half acre of land lying and being known as Hawkinsburg. Deed Book CC, page 31

8 Apr 1845: Samuel Windle and Rebecca, his wife, of Shenandoah County, sold to John P. Smith of Rockingham County and the state of Virginia, for $350.00 a house and lot in the village of Hawkinsburg. Deed Book VV, page 72

8 Apr 1845: John P. Smith sold to W.D. Farra, a certain lot and house in Hawkinsburg for $350.00 being the same conveyed to John P. Smith by Samuel Windle and wife. Deed Book VV, page 70

5 Aug 1848: William D. Farra, trustee, for John P. Smith and Mary, his wife, April 8, 1845, sold to Andrew Funkhouser for $151.02, he being the highest bidder for a certain house and lot in Hawkinsburg. Deed Book XX, page 337

26 Apr 1849: Andrew Funkhouser and Elizabeth, his wife, sold to Isaac Brinker for $175.00 in current money to them in hand, and $100.00 on or before April 1, 1850, have granted bargained and sold to Isaac Brinker a certain house and lot in the village of Hawkinstown. Deed Book YY, page 8

21 Nov 1856: J.H.H. Koontz, trustee for Isaac Brinker, sold to John Koontz for $225.00 a house and lot in Hawkinsburg, it being the same conveyed to J.H.H. Koontz by deed of trust from Isaac Brinker. Deed Book 5, page 8

21 Mar 1859: John Koontz and Mary J., his wife, of the county of Shenandoah and state of Virginia, sold to John Pence of the same, for $500.00 payable according to deed for house and lot in Hawkinstown. Deed Book 7, page 208

22 Oct 1869: John W. Pence of Shenandoah County, Virginia, sold to John Woods for considerations certain property in Hawkinstown.

20 May 1910: Ella M. Woods, widow of John W.B. Woods, and Russell C. Woods, the only child of J.W.B. Woods by Ella M. Woods, sold to T.E. Kingree for $500.00 all that land with improvements thereon in Hawkinstown, Virginia, being the same land John W. B. Woods purchased from John W. Pence and wife. Deed Book 74, pages 171-172

29 Oct 1917: T.E. Kingree and Ollie E., his wife, sold to J.J. Painter for $1750.00 land and property in Hawkinstown known as J.W. Woods property. Deed Book 84, page 343

26 Dec 1931: J.J. Painter and Clara W., his wife, sold to J.A. Simpson for $1.00 and real estate in New Market, all that certain parcel of land with improvements thereon, consisting of dwelling house, store building, and other buildings in Hawkinstown, Shenandoah County, Virginia, on the west side of Lee-Jackson Highway. Deed Book 109, page 21

26 Apr 1934: J.A. Simpson and Velva L., his wife, of Page County, Virginia, sold to Clarence A. Lang and Elnora, his wife, for $2,000.00, land, buildings and stores in Hawkinstown which same was purchased from J.J. Painter and records in Court House. Deed Book 114, page 78

24 Oct 1934: Clarence A. Lang and Elnore, his wife, and Elmer A. Lang in her own right, sold to Wilmuth E. Coffman for $10.00 and other valuable considerations and assumption of three bonds and $900.00, etc., in Hawkinstown on west side of Lee-Jackson Highway. (Wilmuth E. Coffman is the wife of H.D. Coffman). Deed Book 115, page 190

Physical Description

The house is square, built of logs and weatherboarded with two chimneys of brick one on the side and one in the center. The brick fireplace has a plain pine frame and step design mantel. The partitions are of wide beaded boards; the door frames are also beaded. The doors are varied, both two and four panels, but all of plain boards. The store was a log house at one time, but is now weatherboarded; the partitions have been removed, changing to a storeroom from four rooms.

Historical Significance

This house was built when Hawkinstown was first started and was used as a store.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 1 2001