The Henrietta Furnace

Location: Opposite Shenandoah Alum Springs Hotel, at Shenandoah Alum Springs, Virginia.

Built: 1852


Samuel and John Myers. 1852

Abraham Myers, their father. About 1861

John E. Roller. 1889

W. Russell Kline. 1925

E. F. Anderson and Bertie L., his wife. 1927

John D. Ross. 1936

Physical Description

The furnace still (1937) stands as it was left during the Civil War.

Historical Significance

This furnace is now owned (1937) by John D. Ross, who also owns the hotel opposite; the furnace being a part of the hotel property.

The furnace was built in 1852 by Samuel and John Myers, who when informed they had to go to war, blew out the furnace. This was in 1861; and when the furnace was blown out, the other buildings caught fire and burned down.

During the Civil War one of the Myers brothers became a captain and the other a major. One of them was wounded and died during the war, and the other died later from typhoid fever.

After Samuel and John Myers died, their father, Abraham Myers came from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and took charge of their property. He rebuilt the hotel in 1853.

When John D. Ross bought the property in 1934, he remodeled and painted the hotel until it now looks like our modern hotels of today.

Henrietta Furnace:

June 15, 1832, This tract of land was granted by deed of patent to John Walker.

August 16, 1849, Lewis Neselrode and Mary his wife sold to John Walker land which was left him by Abram Sonnafrank in his will November 8, 1850.

September 10, 1850, Charles Carter Lee and Lucy, his wife, sold to John Walker.

October 24, 1851, Elizabeth Webb, widow of Daniel Webb, and John Lentz and Mary, his wife, sold to John Walker.

The above three tracts were merged as one in the rest of the deeds.

March 30, 1853, John Walker and Magdalene his wife sold to Samuel Myers.

March 8, 1869, David Walton, Commissioner, sold to ?. J. Myers.

September 1, 1889, W.W. Logan, Special Commissioner in chancery, of ?. J. Myers and wife vs. W.T. Williams, trustee defendant, sold to John E. Roller.

February 11, 1925, by and between the estate of John E. Roller by George Cratton, Jr. and R.E. Cabell, executors, sold to W. Russel Kline.

February 7, 1927, W. Russel Kline and Constance W. his wife, sold to B.F. Anderson and Bertie L., his wife.

June 1, 1934, B.F. Anderson and Bertie L., his wife, sold to John D. Ross.

?. E. Roller was made Brigadier General, in 1872.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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