The Henry Koontz Home

Location: Two and one half miles southeast of Maurertown, Virginia.

Built: circa 1800


14 Oct 1794: Henry Hottle sold to Daniel Hottle for 450 pounds, Virginia money. Deed Book I, page 457

Sep 1844: Daniel Hottle sold to Jacob Copp.

1 Sep 1849: Jacob Copp sold to Henry Koontz. Deed Book YY, page 105

William J. Koontz, son of Henry Koontz, inherited the farm and was the owner in 1937.

Physical Description

This two and one half story rectangular log house has a metal gabled roof and one brick and one stone chimney, one inside, one outside. There are twelve windows with four 12x22 panes each and no shutters. The porch on the front of the house is ordinary with turned posts. There is also an upstairs porch over the kitchen with railing balusters.

There are seven large rooms with eight foot ceilings. There is also a cellar under part of the house with a brick floor. The walls are papered and the floors are of wide pine boards.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 15 2001