Mrs. H.N. Freeman's Home

Location: On the east side of Main Street, New Market, Virginia, near the Post Office.

Built: 1802


13 Dec 1802: Abraham Savage sold to Daniel Remor one part lot, being north part of lot No. 34 and joining lot No. 35, (ground only) for thirty pounds.

Missing deed(s)

20 Aug 1830: John Henry Will and Margaret, his wife, sold to Bartley Pendleton Herndon a house and lot in New Market, being north half of lot No. 34.

22 Jul 1834: Bartley P. Herndon and Nancy, his wife, of Orange County, Virginia, sold to Jacob Neff a part of lot No. 34.

25 Feb 1881: Ann Eliza Neff, M. Catherine Neff and F. Amanda Neff, children and heirs of Jacob Neff, deceased, sold to Lemuel Zerkel, lot No. 34.

2 Feb 1885: Lemuel Zerkle deeded to his wife, Mollie Z. Zerkel.

10 Dec 1891: Mollie Z. Zerkel and Lemuel, her husband, of Page County, Virginia, sold to K.N. Sites of Shenandoah County, a house and lot in New Market, Virginia..

31 Mar 1911: Ella Manor and John L. Manor, her husband, of Knox County, Tennessee and Hugh M. Sites of Shenandoah County, Virginia, sole heirs-at-law of Kate N. Sites, deceased, sold to Delilah Bushong of Shenandoah County, Virginia.

3 Apr 1933: Mattie F. Good, the only child and heir-at-law of Delilah Bushong, sold to Letitia Freeman property conveyed to Delilah Bushong by Ella Manor.

Physical Description

This house has been refinished outside with stucco and french doors on the street which give it a very pleasing appearance. The inside has been completely renovated and several partitions removed. The fireplaces have plain mantels and trim. The small twelve-pane windows have been removed and large two pane windows have been put in. The stairway is a plain, straight, open one located on one side of the house.

Historical Significance

A Mr. Ruhle lived in this house who was a renowned cabinet maker and worked at that trade here.

Where the tearoom is now (1937) located there used to be a post office and a telegraph office. When the house was remodeled there was found an iron bank of peculiar workmanship. It is a large lion, a tree and a monkey; the coin is placed in the monkey's hand then the monkey throws the coin into the lion's mouth which opens to receive it as the monkey throws it. the springs are still good in the bank and it is though to be dated 1787, and is highly prized by its owner, Mrs. H.M. Freeman. It is thought someone robbed the bank and threw it under the house for all the pieces were there.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 15 2001