Dr. J.B. Rush Farm, aka "Rootz Farm"

Location: Two and one half miles southeast of Woodstock, Virginia on Route 605

Built: prior to 1800


26 Aug 1791: Palser (Balsar) Hoover and Mary, his wife, conveyed to Jacob Hottle, for the sum of 320 pounds current money of Virginia, two tracts of land on the Shenandoah river, it being part of a larger tract of land 300 acres which was formerly granted to Woolrick (Ulrick) Keener by deed from the late Lord Proprietor's Office, bearing date of October 20m 1750, and the said Woolrick (Ulrick) Keener conveyed the said 300 acres to Palser Hoover by deed of October 22, 1782. Deed Book H, page 326

Probated 7 Aug 1820: Jacob Hottle, Sr., bequeaths to his son, Jacob, about 109 acres of land, about two miles above Woodstock on the Shenandoah River. Will Book L, page 225

3 Sep 1825: Jacob Hottle, son of Jacob, Sr., deceased, and Anna, his wife, conveyed to John Root for the sum of $2500 a certain tract of land on the Shenandoah River, it being the upper tract that Balzer Hoover and Mary, his wife, conveyed to Jacob Hottle, Sr., and he devised by will to his son, Jacob, with all houses, buildings, orchards, etc. Deed Book EE, page 22

23 Mar 1844: John Rootz and Catherine, his wife, sold to Philip Stover for the sum of $2800, a tract of land of 108 acres on the north fork of the Shenandoah River, it being the same tract that the said John Rootz purchased of Jacob Hottle. Deed Book UU, page 306

13 Feb 1854: John Perky and Catharine, his wife, Henry Bowman, Isaac Bowman and Elizabeth, his wife, for the sum of $5500 sold to Richardson Douglas, a certain tract of 127 acres, known as the "Rootz Farm." Deed Book 3, page 219

15 May 1857: Richardson Douglas and Mary C. Douglas sold to Daniel Strickley. Deed Book 4, page 335

12 Jul 1858: Daniel Strickley sold to Mary C. Douglas. Deed Book 5, page 203

10 Apr 1880: Virginia Douglas sold to Lewis Lantz, the property which she, the said Virginia Douglas inherited from her mother, Mary C. Douglas. Deed Book 21, page 167

6 Mar 1896: Lewis Mantz and Barbara C. Mantz, et al, and E.D. Strickley, trustee, sold to William H. Albert. Deed Book 43, page 74

14 Jul 1906: Mary P. Albert and heirs of William H. Albert sold to J.B. Rush. Deed Book 66, page 260

Physical Description

This home is in the bend of the Shenandoah River with broad bottom land surrounding it, and it occupies an elevation. The house is a plain structure, no front porch, but an old rock step leads to the front door which is heavy, with six panels and two crosses. This door leads into a hall which is boarded up and down with beaded heavy boards. At the other end of the hall is a heavy batten door with long iron bar hinges. Iron hooks are placed in this hall for hanging coats. A large stone outside chimney is at the end of the house.

Historical Significance

This home is in the neighborhood of Narrow Passage where Indian attacks were frequent.

John Perky was probably the Rev. John Perky who was prominent in Shenandoah County at that time. June 19, 1856, the Christian Church was organized at Strasburg, Virginia, by Rev. John Perky. He was also the first Elder. On September 4, 1848, the people of Strasburg provided an all-day picnic and banquet for the Mexican War soldiers of Shenandoah County. The Procession was lead by Chief Marshal John Pirkey.

Isaac Bowman, of the River, was listed among the privates in the company of grenadiers of 1835, made up of men from Edinburg, Virginia, and vicinity, attached to the 13th regiment, 2nd battalion Virginia militia, of which company Philip Grandstaff was Captain.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 17 2001