The Jacob B. Clowder Home (in 1937, known as "The Long, Long Ago Shop")

Location: Corner Main and East Foundry Streets; two blocks north of the court house, Woodstock, Virginia

Built: prior to 1800


9 Apr 1794: Mathias Zehring and Rebecca, his wife, conveyed to Conrad Wakeman, Jr.

8 Apr 1827: John Wakeman, son of Conrad Wakeman, Jr., deceased, conveyed to George Frye.

10 Feb 1845: George Frye conveyed to Jacob B. Clower.

Jacob B. Clower was the father of James H. Clower, who inherited the house and lot. James H. Clower was the father of Miss Ann Clower, the owner in 1937.

Physical Description

This house stands on the street but has a beautiful garden in the rear with flagstone walks. Part of the house is stone, built at a later date. The original part of the house was built of logs. The beautifully grained pine walls of wide beaded boards show that the house was built when lumber was plentiful and dressed by hand.

Historical Significance

This house has a trap door to the attic which was used during the Civil War to hide from the Yankees.

Jacob Clower was a cabinet maker and made many very beautiful pieces. He had his workshop in this house. This house is furnished with many pieces of antique workmanship.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 17 2001