The Jacob Frye, or Reuben Pennywit House

Location: Four and one half miles west of . Jackson, Virginia, one and one half miles off Orkney Grade on Buck Hill, Route 709.

Date: circa 1790


27 Feb 1846: John Foltz of Joshua, sole acting executor of the last will and testament of Jacob Frye, dec'd., sold to John Fry land which was conveyed to said Jacob Fry by Michael Burkhard and Elizabeth, his wife, April 13, 1795. Deed Book VV, page 377

Probated 12 Aug 1872: John Fry, dec'd., in his will, directed that his land be sold by his executor, Isaac Bowman. Will Book 15, page 335

12 Jan 1876: Isaac Bowman, executor of John Fry, dec'd., sold to Reuben Pennywit. Deed Book 13, page 415

13 Sep 1899: M.L. Walton, special commissioner, grants to Thomas Fry, guardian of his children, Mark, Lizzie, Edgar and John Fry. Deed Book 51, page 366

Sep 1903: In chancery cause of Elizabeth Dellinger, et al., complainants, vs. Mark Fry, et al., defendants, F.S. Tavenner and M.L. Walton were appointed commissioners to sell real estate and on March 19, 1904, said real estate was sold to the highest bidder, Harrison Foltz. 18 Mar 1907. Deed Book 67 page 219

1i Mar 1907: Harrison Foltz having died, F.S. Tavenner, Special Commissioner, conveyed to Abraham Foltz, Isaac Foltz, Geo. Foltz, Joshua Foltz, Mary C. Hutcheson and Caroline Foltz, joint heirs of Harrison Foltz, dec'd.

28 Jun 1907: Isaac Foltz and Susan, his wife, Geo. Foltz, Joshua Foltz, Caroline Foltz and Mary C. Hutcheson convey to Abraham Foltz and Amanda, his wife, land of which their father died seized and possessed. Deed Book 68, pages 85-87

3 Jul 1913: Abraham Foltz and Amanda C. Foltz sold to Alice V. Fisher. Deed Book 81, page 451

11 Jun 1934: Mrs. Alice V. Fisher, dec'd., left no will, but in the list of heirs, there was only one, Mrs. Annie B. Clark, her sister. Will Book 38, page 445

Physical Description

This is a two story log house with hipped metal roof and one chimney at the west end. The weatherboarding is rough pine. The cornices are plain wood. There are eighteen windows with fifteen panes upstairs and twelve panes downstairs, all size 6x8 inches. The shutters are plain solid lath. The porch has square columns and extends across the front of the house. The entrance is a plain single cross door.

There are eight small rooms and one large, with eight foot ceilings. The stairway is enclosed. The four panel single cross pine doors have plain china knobs and hinges. The partitions are of wide board, some painted and others papered. The floors consist of wide boards. The mantels are of heavy pine and plain.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 15 2001