The Joe Gochenour Home

Location: Two miles southwest of Saumsville, Virginia, on Route 652

Built: circa 1800


Accurate records of this old home could not be traced.

John Gochenour's sons, Joe and Chrisley Gochenour, owned homes across the road from each other.

Joe Gochenour left this home to his daughter, Mrs. Alice Shipe, as long as she lived. As late as 1937, she was being cared for in this home by Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Stepp, who were to have the property at her death.

Physical Description

This house retains the marks of early architecture, of a long two story main part with one story kitchen on the end, making a rectangular shaped house, with a long front porch. The interior shows log walls and ceilings whitewashed. It is a large house, and much of it remains originally built, and it has quite an atmosphere of long ago. The yard is surrounded by a picket fence with old time flowers in profusion along the fence.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 15 2001