The Julia Henkel Property (Elon Henkel)

Location: On the west side of Main Street at the corner of New Market Depot Road and Highway at New Market, Virginia.

Built: 1717


13 Aug 1869: Between M.S. Henkel and Carrie, his wife, (Note: this should read between M.A. Henkel and Carrie, his wife, August 1889, Mr. Fetzer) of Florida, A.D. Henkel and Maggie, his wife, of Virginia, to Martha and Julia Henkel and Annie M. Henkel, for $900 lots in New Market, Va. constituting the late home of Dr. S.E.C. Henkel, on plat of the town as lot #51 and south half of lot #4 (a large orchard). Deed Book 46, page 165

The deeds to this property are hard to trace, as the land has been in the family since 1804.

Physical Description

This two-story "L" shaped frame and log house has a metal hipped roof with a brick chimney in the center of each section of the ell. There are fifty six windows of various sizes. There is a porch at the back of the house and the entrance is a glass door opening onto the street.

The house has sixteen rooms with eight and ten foot ceilings. There are four stairways, one is open and has round newel and narrow balusters, the others are boxed. The cellar is walled and has a partition. The doors are two- and four-panel with the four-panel doors being the one-cross pattern. The walls are papered and painted and the floors are all modern narrow boards.

Historical Significance

There are a great many historical facts about this family which have been recorded in several volumes of the Henkel History, and which are now (1937) in the possession of Mrs. Julia Henkel. Her husband, the late Elon Henkel, was the last Henkel to run the Henkel Press at New Market, Va. At a ripe old age, he turned it over to a cousin by the name of Miller.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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