The John H. Keller Home

Location: Fishers Hill, Virginia, south side of Route 601

Built: 1844, date on portico


1 Apr 1853: Abraham Stoner and Sarah, his wife, sold to Obed Coffman. Deed Book L, page 348

Apr 1855: Obed Coffman and Catharine, his wife, sold to Levi Pifer and Philip Keller. Deed Book 2, page 488

15 Mar 1856: Philip Keller and Elizabeth, his wife, sold to Levi Pifer all his interests in mill, brick house, &c. Deed Book 3, page 490

21 May 1879: Levi Pifer and Elizabeth, his wife, conveyed to E.E. Stickley. Deed Book 18, page 44

27 Feb 1884: E.E. Stickley sold to John H. Keller. Deed Book 24, page 162

George M. Keller, son of John H. Keller, was the owner in 1937.

Physical Description

This is a two and one half story, L-shaped brick house with gabled, metal roof and three chimneys - one outside and two inside. The bricks are laid in common bond. The cornices are plain wood. There are eighteen windows having twelve 10x12 panes. The shutters have stationary slats. The porch across the front has fancy scalloped cornice. A small side porch has dental cornice. The front entrance is a six-panel, two-cross door with five-pane transom. The porch columns are square.

There are eight large rooms and the ceiling height is eight and one half feet. The open-string stairway has small square balusters and a round newell with ball on top. The cellar has a hard dirt floor. The doors are four-panel and six-panel and made from pine. The walls are papered. The doors have outside iron locks and brass knobs. The floors are of medium wide boards. There are five plain paneled mantels over the fireplaces.

Historical Significance

This house has battle scars where a minie ball went through a window, and a shutter has a hole showing where part of it was knocked out.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 17 2001