The Joseph Lonas Place

Location: Seven miles west of . Jackson, Virginia, on the west side of Route 720.

Built: 1840


12 Nov 1840: Alexander S. Tidhall, Robert Conrad, James Marshall, Jr., and Rhesa Allen sold to Joseph Lonas.

17 Feb 1894: Frederick Lonas, Executor of Joseph Lonas, sold to J.H. Sager.

23 Dec 1907: Samuel D. Sager

21 Mar 1932: Barbara Sager, deed of partition

Physical Description

This house is of the "L" type. It is weatherboarded on the outside; the inside is plastered, ceiled, etc. The windows are of the small paned variety; the woodwork is plain and the stairways are enclosed and narrow. the back stairway opens into the bedroom, as was the habit of builders at that time.

There are ten rooms in the house. In the corner of the yard, next to the road, can be seen the foundation of the old house, and the large rock fireplace and chimney, which is still usable. The porch to the present house covers the inside of the "L" and has the narrow pillars. There is also a door to the main part of the house, opening off of this porch, as well as the kitchen and pantry doors.

Historical Significance

There was a blacksmith shop on this property at one time. It is still used by the owner's son. This shop was used to shoe the horses for the soldiers during the Civil War.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 15 2001