J. Lee Stoneburner Home

Location: South end of Mt. Jackson, Virginia, on west side of Route 11.

Built: unknown


7 Apr 1843: Charles Moore, Elizabeth C. Moore, his wife, and Samuel Moore sold to Henry Bushong. Deed Book VV, page 519

1 May 1846: Henry Bushong and Mary Ann, his wife, sold to Joe S. Pennybaker. Deed Book VV, page 519

30 Mar 1870: Mark Bird and William Wait Bird sold to J. Simmons, chancery cause of Wm. Singler, administrator and Solomon K. Moore. Deed Book 10, page 46

19 Jan 1873: Joseph Simmons sold to J.I. Triplett. Deed Book 17, page 168

2 Jun 1875: Joseph Triplett sold to Shenandoah Farmers Mill Company. Deed Book 26, page 309

21 Jun 1920: Shenandoah Farmers Mill Company, Inc., sold to George W. Ring and J. Newton Wilson. Deed Book 89, page 216

3 Sep 1931: Philip Williams, special commissioner in chancery of J.C. Hutcheson, et al, sold to J.L. Stoneburner. Deed Book 108, pages 206-207

30 Dec 1931: J. Lee Stoneburner sold to Burgess E. Nelson, George Heltzman and W.L. Vehrencamp. Deed Book 109, page 28

Physical Description

This two story L-shaped log house has a metal hipped roof and one chimney on the north side of the house. There are fifteen windows with large panes. There is a porch, which has been added, with plain solid posts.

There are seven rooms, two large and five small, with eight and one half foot ceilings. The house has a cellar with a plain limestone rock wall. The stairway is closed-string with straight boarded upstairs and no door. The doors are of up and down narrow boards - or babbited, with iron latches. The walls are of wide boards. The floors are of wide boards with iron nails.

Historical Significance

At one time this property belonged to the famous J.I. Triplett.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 17 2001