The John Rickard Home

Location: Three miles west of Woodstock, Virginia on Route 261.

Built: circa 1800


26 Feb 1790: Barbara Sheetz and Jacob Sheetz and Eve, his wife, sold to Henry Getting land which was a part of a larger tract of land granted to Mathias Sheetz, March 9, 1768 from the proprietor's office containing 1000 acres. Deed Book G, page 440

19 Jun 1813: Henry Getting sold to Jacob Huddle. Deed Book U, page 234

26 Mar 1845: Barbara Huddle, widow of Jacob Huddle, dec'd., Abraham Crabill and Rebecca, his wife, Abraham Strickler and Ann, his wife, Christian Farrer and Sarah, his wife, and Amos Crabill and Barbara, his wife, sold to Abraham Hockman. Deed Book VV, page 188

3 Oct 1845: Abraham Hockman and Catharine, his wife, sold to David Rodeffer and Alexander Bowman for $6500. Deed Book VV, page 227

18 Feb 1847: David Rodeffer and Ann, his wife, and Alexander Bowman and Barbara, his wife, sold to Abraham Hockman for $6500. Deed Book WW, page 236

1 Mar 1851: Abraham Hockman and Catharine, his wife, sold to John Rickard for $6000. Deed Book ZZ, page 236

1 Sep 1900: John H. Rickard and Elzy, his wife, M.E. Rickard and Sarah, his wife, conveyed portion of home farm with mansion house to Perry Rickard which he derived by descent from his father, John Rickard, dec'd. Deed Book 53, page 389

Probated 25 Mar 1921: Perry Rickard in his last will and testament bequeathed all of his real estate to his wife, Virginia V. Rickard. Made oct. 27, 1916. Will Book 33, page 146

Physical Description

This is a three and one half story L-shaped brick house with metal roof. There are three brick chimneys located inside. There are fourteen windows, the lower ones having fifteen 10x12 panes and the upstairs twelve panes. There is a two-story portico without steps and a back porch upstairs with railings. The entrance is a six-panel, two-cross door with side lights.

There are eight rooms and the ceiling height is nine feet. There are two enclosed stairways having doors with iron latches. The pine doors have six panels, two crosses and two long vertical panels, with outside locks and hinges. The walls are papered or painted. the pine floors are of wide irregular boards. There is a beaded chair rail in all the rooms. There is one black mantel, paneled and fluted. The large basement has a brick floor and a wide fireplace.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 17 2001