The J.P. Bowman Home

Location: This house is next to the last house on the east side of Route 11 in Hawkinstown, Virginia, opposite the Hawkinstown market.

Built: circa 1839


14 Sep 1818: Jacob Schroeder and Mary, his wife, of Adams County, Pennsylvania, sold to Elijah Clarke, of Shenandoah County, Virginia, for $200 current money of the United States, lots number 17 and 18 in Hawkinsburg together with all houses buildings orchards etc. except the ground rent of five shillings a lot yearly to the proprietor of said town..

25 Jul 1839: Elijah Clarke and Catharine, his wife, sold to Joseph Bauserman for $475 land containing three acres and 114 square poles also two lots #17 and 18 in Hawkinsburg being same lots conveyed to Elijah Clarke by Jacob Shroeder and wife, September 14, 1818.

14 Apr 1846: Joseph Bauserman sold to Joseph Foltz for $300 current money of the United States for two certain lots in the town of Hawkinstown #17 and 18 containing 1/2 acre each being same lots conveyed to Elijah Clarke by Jacob Shroeder September 14, 1818 an by said Elijah Clarke and wife to Joseph Bauserman July 24, 1839 .

1 Nov 1850: Joseph Foltz and Dorothy, his wife, sold to Lewis Pence for $800 current money of Virginia lots #17 and 18 in Hawkinstown containing 1/2 acre each.

10 Mar 1855: Lewis Pence and Rebecca, his wife, sold to John Woods for $600 two lots #17 and 18 in Hawkinstown and improvements thereon.

30 Nov 1858: John Woods and Frances Ellen, his wife, sold to Mrs. Anne Foltz (widow of Uriah Foltz) for $800 current money of Virginia lots #17 and 18 in Hawkinstown and all improvements thereon.

1 Nov 1889: Anne Foltz sold to Ella Lee for $750 lots #17 and 18 in Plat of Hawkinstown containing one acre altogether.

20 Dec 1904: Ella Lee deeded to Matilda Silvius for natural love and affection and $1.00 home and lots #17 and 18 in Hawkinstown and is the same conveyed to Ella Lee by deed from Anne Foltz November 1, 1889.

20 May 1905: Matilda Silvius sold to L.D. Clinedinst for $250 property given to Matilda Silvius by Ella Lee.

7 Sep 1907: L.D. Clinedinst sold to John P. Bowman for $500 all that piece parcel of land which was sold to L.D. Clinedinst by Matilda Silvius May 20, 1905.

Physical Description

This two story "L" shaped log house has a metal hipped roof and two brick chimneys, one at the north and one at the south ends. There are twelve windows with four 18x27 panes and no shutters. There is a one story plain porch that was added to the house.

The house has four large and one small room with eight foot ceilings and walls and floors of wide boards. There is an open-string two-flight stairway with square newel and balusters. The doors are six-panel, double cross and five-panel three cross with iron butt hinges and knob latches. There is a plain walled cellar under the house.

This house has nearly all home-made furniture in it, desks, chairs, etc. But they were made by the present (1937) owner in recent years. The only piece of antique is the Pence coverlid that is spoken of in other writings.

Historical Significance

The land on which this house stands was originally part of the large Hawkins tract and was laid off into lots in the original survey.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 18 2001