The John Sager Home

Location: Six miles west of . Jackson, Virginia. (Two miles west on Crooked Run Road, one mile northwest on private road.)

Built: 1837


26 May 1791: Valentine Faber, Jr., and Rosina, his wife, sold to Jacob Hammon, land which was granted by deed from the Proprietor's office to V. Faber, 10 May 1780. Deed Book H, page 144

9 Jun 1806: Jacob Hammon and Anna, his wife, sold to William Good. Deed Book P, page 162

13 Jun 1808: William Good and Susanna, his wife, sold to William Barb. Deed Book 2, page 268

29 Mar 1813: William Barb and Mary, his wife, sold to Jacob Noel. Deed Book U, page 115

21 Aug 1832: Jacob Noel and Elizabeth, his wife, sold to Abraham Swartz. Deed Book MM, page 61

6 May 1841: Abraham Swartz and Rebecca, his wife, sold to George Miller. Deed Book SS, page 399

30 Jul 1859: George Miller and Christiana, his wife, sold to John Sager. Deed Book 5, page 494

15 Sep 1865: John Sager, dec'd., in division of land assigned to his son, Isaac Sager. Deed Book 7, page 373

26 Dec 1868: Isaac Sager and Ann, his wife, sold to Morris Sager. Deed Book 9, page 15

22 Jun 1869: Morris Sager and Catharine, his wife, sold to John H. Sager. Deed Book 10, page 13

John H. Sager, dec'd., left no will and land has never been divided among the heirs. In 1937, only one direct heir was still living.

Physical Description

This oblong two-story house with metal roof has a stone and brick chimney in the center of the house. The plain pine weatherboarding was put on later. The cornices are plain wood. There are 32 (?) windows having nine panes up and six below, 6x8 1/2 inches. The shutters are plain stationary. The entrance is a two panel door and stoop.

There are four small rooms and one large, and the ceiling height is eight and one half feet. There is a plain boxed stairway. The cellar has plain limestone walls. The two panel pine doors are painted, while some of the walls are papered and some painted, and there is a wainscot. The hinges on the doors are plain and the iron latches have china knobs. The floors are of wide boards with old fashioned nails. There is a mantel of plain pine boards and trim, and a stone mantel in the kitchen. The kitchen fireplace is of huge design and is of stone.

Historical Significance

George Miller, who owned this house in 1859, was an enlisted private in Capt. Thomas Buck's company during the Revolutionary War, enlisting 30 Aug 1777.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 17 2001