The Lemuel Dirting Home

Location: Pughs Run, East side of Route #11

Built: circa 1825


Recorded 12 Feb 1827: George Koontz, dec'd., in his last will and testament assigned to his daughter, Eveline Koontz Gaw, this land as her share of his estate. Will Book O, page 34

31 May 1841: John Gaw and Eveline, his wife, sold to Henry H. Koontz. Deed Book SS, page 381

26 Dec 1882: Henry H. Koontz and Jane E., his wife, sold to Lemuel L. Dirting. Deed Book 22, page 285

Lemuel L. Dirting in his last will and testament bequeathed to his sons, G.L. Dirting and L.R. Dirting, his estate. Will Book 31, page 229

2 Jul 1918: L.R. Dirting by G.L. Dirting, his attorney in fact, G.L. Dirting and Anna B., his wife, sold to James R. Rinker and Emma J., his wife. Deed Book 85, page 245

17 Aug 1927: Emma J. Rinker, widow of James R. Rinker, dec'd., et al, sold to Charles W. Barton and Lola C., his wife. Deed Book 100, page 40

5 Jan 1928: Charles W. Barton and Lelia C., his wife, sold to Elmer Brill and Lula M., his wife. Deed Book 100, page 371

Physical Description

This two and one half story log house with metal gabled roof has one inside and one outside chimney. There are twelve windows with twelve 8x10 panes. There is a front porch with turned posts.

There are six rooms, four large and two small, with eight and one half foot ceilings. There is a closed stairway with a door from the living room. Under part of the house is a cellar with packed ground floor. Some of the doors are modern and some are six-panel, two-cross variety with outside common locks and hinges. The walls are papered and the floors are of very wide boards.

Historical Significance

John Gaw of Ireland, was a prominent citizen of Shenandoah County, Virginia, in 1800. He later moved to Missouri. Henry Koontz was a large land owner, as was his ancestor, George Koontz. Captain George W. Koontz, grandson of George Koontz, joined Rice's batter of artillery and fought through four years of the Civil War. Lester Koontz, his son, was a member of the famous Rainbow Division in the World War.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 19 2001