The Lee - Jackson Hotel

Location: At the southeast corner of Lee Highway and Main Street in New Market, Virginia.

Built: circa 1785 - 1787, or after 1811


22 Apr 1785: Peter Paulsel sold to Michael Zirkel for 3 pounds 10 shillings current money of Virginia a lot known as lot #10 containing one half acre in New Market, Virginia. Said lot made in plat of town, made and surveyed by Jacob Rinker. The ground rent to be paid to Peter Palsel every year and lady day and further, the said Michael Zirkel shall build or erect, or cause to be built or erected on the said lot a good house within the space of two years from these presents. Deed Book E, page 210

7 Jun 1811: Michael Zirkel and Catherine, his wife, sold to John Coffman, Jr. (son of John Coffman, Sr.) of the town of New Market, for the sum of $433 current money of Virginia, for lot #10 in New Market, Virginia, containing one half acre and all houses, buildings, orchards, etc. Deed Book S, page 188

10 Apr 1824: Between Jacob Savage and June, his wife, to John Strayer for the sum of $527.50 current money of Virginia, this being part of a tract of land conveyed to Abraham Savage, dec'd., by Peter Palsel by deed recorded in court of Shenandoah. Deed Book DD, page 107

24 Apr 1830: John Coffman, Jr., son of J. Coffman, Sr., dec'd., and Polly, his wife, sold to Martin Myers, both of New Market, for $275 part of a certain lot or half acre land in the said county of Shenandoah in the town of New Market known as lot #10 being one quarter acre more or less, together with the buildings, improvements, etc. Deed Book MM, page 148

7 Feb 1844: Joseph B. Strayer and Fannie C. Strayer, his wife, sold to Rufus C. Bowman a brick house and lot known as N. half of lot #10 containing one quarter acre in New Market, Va., for $1000. Deed Book 12, page 112

10 Mar 1847: H.T. Wheat and Elizabeth, his wife, (late Elizabeth Baraher) of Clark (sic) County, Va. and Nancy Baraher of Paige (sic) County, Va. sold to John H. Arnold of Shenandoah County, Va. for the sum of $400 current money of Virginia, a brick house and lot of ground in New Market, containing one quarter acre and is know as N. half lot #10. Being same house and lot conveyed to Martin Myers by one John Coffman and by said Myers to Gideon Savage by deed of trust for the benefit of William R. Almond, Adms. of Michael Baraher, dec'd., under and by virtue whereof it was sold to and conveyed to Elizabeth and Nancy Baraher by deed recorded. Deed Book WW, page 372

12 Apr 1851: John H. Almond and Elizabeth, his wife, of Shenandoah Co., Va. sold to Mary Rhodes of Rockingham Co., Va. for the sum of $800 lawful money of Virginia, Brick house and North half of lot #10 in New Market, Va. containing one quarter acre, it being conveyed to said John H. Almond by Horatio T. Wheat and Elizabeth, his wife, and Nancy Baraher, by deed the tenth day of March 1846. Deed Book ZZ, page 327

1 Sep 1873: Lewis P. Henkel and Annie M., his wife, exchanged with J.B. Strayer and wife, house and lot in new Market for brick house and N. half of lot #10 in New Market, Va. containing one quarter acre and is the same house and lot that was conveyed by John H. Almond and Elizabeth, his wife, to Mary Rhodes, by deed dated April 12, 1851, and bequeathed by Mary Rhodes to Harvey Cook by her last will and testament dated March 26, 1867, and proven in County Court of Shenandoah June 10, 1867, and by Harvey Rhodes conveyed to L.P. Henkel by deed dated Aug. 31, 1872. Deed Book 12, page 113

Sep 1873: J.B. Strayer and wife sold to Lewis P. Henkel the above property for $2,500. Deed Book 12, page 303

21 Mar 1876: Rufus C. Bowman sold to George B. Calvert of New Market, Va., for $1,950, a parcel of land bought by R.C. Bowman of Joseph B. Strayer, etc. Deed Book 13, page 368

27 Sep 1883: Lewis P. Henkel and Annie M., his wife, sold to Joseph W. Holtzman for $4,500 to be paid in ins. house and lot #10 in New Market, Va., possession to be given January 1, 1884, debt of $35oo was paid Oct. 14, 1902. Deed Book 24, page 97

20 Nov 1891: Joseph W. Holtzman to Mary V. Holtzman for $3000 cash, the hotel in New Market and fixtures stated in deed. Deed Book 36, page 200

28 Apr 1902: Mary V. Holtzman and J.W., her husband, sold to W.L. Fultz for $3,250 hotel and lot, (except for part sold to Mrs. Sarah Holtzman) now known as "Carrolton" Hotel and lot #32. Deed Book 56, page 199

26 January 1903: W.L. Fultz sold to B.F. Strickler for $3,600 the hotel property known as Carrolton and lot #32. Deed Book 57, page 393

13 Nov 1903: B.F. Strickler sold to Charles T. Henkel for $4000 the Hotel and lot known as lot #32 and hotel Thaxton (Formerly called Carrollton). Deed Book 59, page 114

22 Aug 1905: Charles T. Henkel and A.H. Henkel, his wife, sold to Thomas R. Windle for $4,000, the house and lot known as Thaxton Hotel and lot #32. Deed Book 64, page 44

7 Nov 1918: Jacob A. Windle sold his half interest in Thaxton Hotel and lot to Thomas R. Windle for $1,650.. Deed Book 86, page 77

: Roland G. Hill and Lottie E., his wife, granted to C.W. Bennick trustee, for payment of bonds etc. Hotel property once belonging to J.B Burkholder, but Burklholder's deed not on record. Deed Book 97, page 303

Shenandoah Valley Estates, Inc., sold to Hunter B. Chapman, hotel property in New Market known as #32, etc. for $21,000, including six bonds, etc.. Deed Book 100, page 270

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Physical Description

This is a three and one half story Flemish brick building with metal roof and three chimneys on the ends and side. There are forty four windows with fifteen 8x10 panes.

There are four large and twenty five small rooms with nine foot ceilings, and a cellar (two rooms) with brick walls (a barber shop and a furnace room).

Historical Significance

During the Civil War this hotel was used by the Yankees under Jubal Early (this is copied as written in the original W.P.A. report, but is obviously incorrect) as their headquarters while the owners lived in the smokehouse. Later the hotel was used as a hospital for the wounded soldiers.

This was one of the first, if not the first hotel in New Market, Virginia, and is still (1937) very popular with the tourists and guests passing through this very modern little town, especially so as it is on the cross roads between the south and east.

Dr. J.B. Strayer, one of the owners of this hotel, was at one time detailed under Capt. M.M. Sibert to guard John Brown during his trial at Charles Town. Dr. Strayer did not belong to any special part of the Army as he was detailed for home practice in New Market, Va., and was probably one of the Doctors at the Lee-Jackson Hotel while it was used as a Hospital during the War. A letter to Dr. J.B. Strayer from Dr. C.C. Henkel however, bears out the statement that he did see some service with the army.

Dr. Strayer was also a representative of Shenandoah County as a member of the House of Delegates of the Virginia Legislature for three terms. He was patron of the bill establishing the Department of Agriculture of Virginia, and cause the analysis tag to be attached to all fertilizer sacks, as well as other measures of importance.

John Strayer was born may 26, 1780, was married to Dorcas Lincoln, Thursday, December 11, 1806, and died Jan. 7, 1864, about 7 o'clock a.m. at the age of 83 years 7 months and 12 days. He is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in New Market, Va.

Peter Palser laid off the original plat and made a map for the town of New Market (then Cross Roads) which is now (1937) in Dr. C.O. Miller's possession. This map dated March 30, 1785, was laid off according to the surveys of Jacob Riinker.

The lots as laid off by Peter Palsel were 32 in all and contained one half acre each, except for lot #1, and these lots were land that was owned by him. Later on Abraham Savage laid out more lots and extended the town.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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