The Long Meadow Graveyard

Location: On the Shenandoah River near Cedar Creek, Virginia.

Date: Date of oldest gravestone, 1789


S. Edwin Brumback

Physical Description

This graveyard is enclosed with a wire fence. It is private and is not in good condition.

Historical Significance

Ann Tunstall Hite - daughter of Rev. Walker Maury, wife of Maj. I. Hite. Born 14 Sep 1782, Died 6 Jan 1851. Give her of the fruits of her hands and let her own work praise her in the gates. Prov. 11, Chapter 11 verse.

Maj. Isaac Hite of "Belle Grove" who was aid to Gen. Muhlenberg in war of the Revolution. Born 7 Feb 1758, Died 24 Nov 1836.

Fanny Maury Williams, daughter of Maj. I. Hite, wife of P. Williams, born 17 Jun 1805, died 21 Mar 1833.

Mary Maury, daughter of Ludwell Grimes, widow of Rev. Walker Maury, born 25 Aug 1758, died 23 Sep 1839.

P.E.L. Green, daughter of Major I. Hite, wife of Raleigh Green, born 14 Aug 1814, died 9 Feb 1838.

In Memory of Mrs. Rebecca G. Lodor, wife of Rev. John Lodor, born 23 May 1810, died 15 Feb 1851. Aged 40 years 10 months and 23 days.

Nellie G. Hite, wife of Maj. Isaac Hite, was born 14 Feb 1760, died 24 Dec 1802.

In Memory of James Madison Hite who died 8 Dec 1791, aged 3 yrs. 8 mo.

Mary Eltinge Davidson, daughter of T.S. & M.E. Davidson, born 16 Jun 1833, died 5 Sep 1837.

In Memory of Isaac Hite, who departed this life on 18 Sep 1795 in the 73rd year of his age.

In Memory of Mrs. Eleanor Hite, wife of Mrs. Isaac Hite, who departed this life 18 Nov 1792, aged 68 yrs.

Isaac F. Hite died 30 Jan 1880, aged 77 years.

M. Louisa, wife of I.F. Hite, died 23 Mar 1889, aged 64 years. She was a kind affectionate wife, a fond Mother, a Friend to all.

John Smith Davidson, 1802-1874

Mary E., wife of John Smith Davidson, 1808-1866

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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