Long Meadows

Location: On the north branch of the Shenandoah River near Cedar Creek, Virginia.

Built: 1737


1737: Built by Joist Hite for his son Isaac Hite.

1838: Division of Land

1840: Alexander M. Davidson and wife to George W. Bowman and Isaac S. Bowman, legatees of Isaac Hite.

1873: Isaac S. Bowman and wife to George W. S. Bowman.

1888: George W. S. Bowman to Andrew J. Brumback.

1916: Sarah Edna Brumback to S. Edwin Brumback

Physical Description

This is a red brick Colonial house with stone foundation, porch with columns, ten large rooms, lovely arch in front hall, hand carved woodwork, large basement. There are fireplaces in every room. There is a hand made winding stairway leading to the attic.

Historical Significance

Long Meadows was built by Joist Hite for his favorite son, Isaac Hite. Isaac Hite, Jr. was the first man elected Phi Beta Kappa of Williamsburg by the charter members of the organization.

Nellie C. Madison, wife of Isaac Hite, sister of President Madison, is buried there.

John Williams, eldest son of William Williams of Stratford, County Justice, 1752-1830, enlisted in the Culpepper Minute Men, was Major at close of Revolution and was the second clerk for, and vestry man of Beckford Parish; he married Eleanor Hite of "Long Meadows" and his daughter, Eleanor Elting Williams married Captain Numrod (sic) Long of the Culpepper Minute Men. One of the latter's grandchildren was John T. Lovell, Judge of Warren County Court, Clerk of both County and Circuit Courts, member House of Delegates 1874 - 1878, and member of the State Senate 1879 - 1892.

There is a fenced-in graveyard to the North of the house where Major Isaac Hite, also his father, and other members of his family are buried.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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