Leonard Walters' Hotel or Tavern

Location: Southwest Main Street, . Jackson, Virginia

Built: Unknown


Leonard Walters

Physical Description

The Leonard Walters' Hotel or Tavern is a rectangular, two-story log building with metal covered hip roof. There are three stone chimneys; one in the center and one at each side of the house. The house is weatherboarded. There are twenty-six windows which have four panes each, size twelve by twenty-seven inches. There is no porch, and you enter the building through a German type entrance, the door being the six panel two-cross door with three lights.

The interior of the house consists of fifteen rooms, nine large and six small. The ceiling height is nine feet and the walls are papered and painted. The stairway has a plain board railing and moulding trims board sides. Other doors in the house also are the six-panel type and have Holy Crosses. The doors have plain iron butt hinges, China knobs and iron locks. The floors are made of six inch boards and put down with square nails.

This building has been converted into apartments; otherwise is the same as when built.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 29 2001