The Ambrose Home

Location: On the south side of the school house which is on the east side of the highway at Mt. Jackson, Virginia.

Built: before 1805


Josephine Miller, Ruben Moore, September 9, 1805

John Morgan, July 7, 1806

Alexander Doyle, September 10, 1812

Ruben Miller, October 14, 1826

Abraham Fravel, April 1, 1830

William Moreland, March 25, 1835

Leonidas Triplett, November 16, 1847

Enoch Bryant, May 6, 1871, to his five daughters: Ellen N., Ann M., Emma L. and Mary C. Bryant, May 23 1876, probated April 9, 1877. The above received their deeds September 6, 1884.

Rebecca A. Ambrose, December 23, 1929

Physical Description

This is a two and one half story log house which has been weatherboarded with beaded lumber and sealed with wide beaded boards, the same also used for the partitions. There is a metal hipped roof and three brick chimneys, ends and back. The fifteen windows are of the sixteen pane variety with plain trim, and the floors are of wide boards. The fireplaces are plain with moulding trimming. There are eleven rooms, and three enclosed stairways with triangular stairs at the turns and a plain stone, plastered cellar. The porch columns are square and the back porch runs the entire length of the house, while the front only covers the "L". There are three brick chimneys of the Flemish bond type and one stone one which are placed at the ends and back of the house.

Historical significance

This house is supposed to have been built by Joseph Miller some time before 1805, probably in the 1790's. Lon Triplett is supposed to have been born there.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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