The Mary E. Neff Home, formerly known as the Joseph Hupp Home

Location: Two and one half miles north of New Market, Virginia, on the west side of Route 11.

Built: circa 1800


John Kagey devised to his son Abraham. Made March 1, 1832. Probated Nov. 10, 1845. Will Book X, page 376

30 Oct 1848: Abraham Kagey conveyed by deed to Anna Kagey a certain house and lots on West side of Valley turnpike. Deed Book XX, page 278

6 Mar 1863: Anna Kagey conveyed to Joseph Hupp for $1900 a certain house and lot, or parcel of land lying on the West side of the Valley turnpike, two and one half miles North of New Market. Deed Book 7, page 186

12 Feb 1909: Joseph Hupp in his last will and testament devised to Mary Virginia Zirkle, the home place lying on both sides of the Valley turnpike, containing about 18 acres on the East side and 5 acres on the West side, including the buildings. Will Book 31, page 253

6 Apr 1914: Mary Virginia Zirkle and her husband, J. Rufus Zirkle, conveyed to Mary E. Neff, for the sum of $3875, the same property which was the homestead of Joseph Hupp at the time of his decease. The lands hereby conveyed are the same of which the said Joseph Hupp died seized and possessed and which were devised to the said Mary Virginia Zirkle by the said Joseph Hupp in his last will and testament bearing date of Feb. 12, 1909. Deed Book 80, page 28

Physical Description

This two and one half story rectangular log weatherboarded house has a metal gabled roof and two inside brick chimneys. There are eighteen windows with twelve 8x10 panes and no shutters. The single story porch runs along the entire front of the house.

There are eight large and four small rooms with eight and one half foot ceilings. The single flight stairway is open-string with plain round newel. There is a cellar with ground floor under part of the house. The walls are papered and painted and the floors are of medium wide boards of varying widths. There are three old plain mantels.

Historical Significance

This home was in the line of fire during the Civil War and bears the battle scars.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 29 2001