The Moore Property

Location: On the east side of Main Street, opposite the Bank in Mt. Jackson, Virginia.

Built: circa 1860


This property was owned by Levi Rinker prior to 1860 according to deeds recorded later, and was bought by Joseph Moore in 1871.

14 Apr 1877: Joseph Moore, trustee for Virginia Moore, wife of Joseph M. Moore, bought of Levi Rinker for $2250 land and building known as Moore's Hotel, which was first sold to Michael Graham and then resold to Virginia Moore with Rinker's consent. Deed Book 16, page 350

6 Jul 1880: Michael Graham and Catherine, his wife, sold to Virginia Moore for $137.50 with interest from July 23, 1874 till date of this deed for house and lot in Mt. Jackson sold by Levi Rinker to said Michael Graham.. Deed Book 24, page 181

1 Jul 1931: Josephine Moore Harrison in consideration of $12,300.00 cash bought 14.60 acres containing a brick house. Deed Book 108, page 45

Physical Description

This house (main part) is composed of brick with a portico at the door that opens on to the street, and a porch along the entire north side. The columns are plain round with square tops and bottoms; the windows have ledges over them. The interior is very finely finished; the doors and windows have square inserts at the corners which are carved. The stairway is very interesting, starting about the middle of the long hall and winding up in such a manner that a good part of the stairs are visible from below. The woodwork used in the stairway is also very interesting.

The cottage part is frame and was built for Mr. Moore for slave quarters. It was used by him as a home for his slaves; the grandchildren of whom still (1937) work for the family.

Historical Significance

During the Civil War the house was used as a hospital for the soldiers of both armies.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 29 2001