The Mathias Spitler Home

Location: Eight miles west of . Jackson, Virginia, on Stony Creek, near the Dunker Church

Built: circa 1823


17 May 1817: Jacob Barb, Sr., sold to Peter Williams for $366.00 land which was granted to him by deed form the Proprietor's office Nov. 12, 1805. Deed Book X, page 396

7 Jun 1823: Peter Williams and Elizabeth, his wife, sold to Abraham Sonnafrank for $425.00. Deed Book CC, page 238

Abraham Sonnafrank in his last will and testament bequeathed his place and all his land to his daughter, Mary Nesselrodt, wife of Lewis Nesselrodt. Made May 26, 1815, probated Nov. 8, 1830. Deed Book 2, page 96

5 Oct 1832: Lewis Nesselrodt and wife sold to Adam Baker 86 acres for $285.00. Deed Book MM, page 169

19 Feb 1849: Adam Baker and Esther, his wife, sold to Levi Rinker 86 acres of land for $300.00. Deed Book YY, page 79

20 Aug 1850: Levi Rinker and wife sold to Philip Lindamood 86 acres of land for $300.00. Deed Book 1, page 64

14 Sep 1877: Philip Lindamood sold to Adam Barb 86 acres of land for $30.00 by way of exchange. Deed Book 19, page 278

8 May 1880: Adam Barb sold to Mathias Spitler. Deed Book 19, page 279

13 Mar 1902: Mathias Spitler, bachelor, conveyed to Susanna A. Barb, wife of Amos F. Barb, 86 acres of land for support and maintenance by said Susanna Barb, including clothing, medicine and medical aid when needed and a decent burial, when dead, for said Mathias Spitler. Deed Book 58, page 167

Physical Description

It is a 2-story, log house, L-shaped, with metal roof and one brick chimney in the center. The weatherboarding is plain and unpainted. There are 10 windows with panes 18x20. There is a one story front porch.

There are four small rooms and one large, and the ceiling height is 8' 10". The stairs are enclosed. The doors are 4-panel, 1-cross, and of pine, with plain iron locks and hinges. The walls are papered or plain. The wooden partitions are of wide boards. The floor boards are also wide.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 29 2001