Post Office, Moore's Store

Location: Moore's Store, Virginia.

Built: circa 1839


17 Jun 1794: Between Henry Brock and Mary, his wife, and Rudolph Brock (son of Henry) for the sum of 2 pounds and ten shillings current money of Virginia, for a tract of land on Holman's Creek being a part of a tract of 278 acres containing 45 acres. Deed Book I, page 376

14 Dec 1795: Between Henry Brock and Mary, his wife, and Michael Brock (son of Henry) for 100 pounds current money of Va. a parcel of land on Holman's Creek of 118 1/2 acres which was granted to Henry Brock by deed from the Proprietor's Office of the Northern Neck of Va. bearing date the 17th day of March 1752. Deed Book K, page 85

22 Aug 1799: Between Michael Brock and Elizabeth, his wife, and Jacob Stiegel for the sum of $500 containing 118 1/2 acres. Deed Book M, page 74

1 Apr 1800: Between Rudolph Brock and Magdalene, his wife, and Jacob Stiegel for the sum of 230 lbs. current money of Va. for 45 acres land. This deed and the one above being a part of land belonging to Henry Brock, father of Rudolph and Michael Brock by deed from the Proprietor's Office of the Northern Neck of Va. bearing date the 17th March 1752. Deed Book M, page 154

1 Jan 1825: Between Jacob Stiegel of Augusta County and John Hess of Shenandoah County for $2600 current money of Va. for two parcels of land formerly owned by Rudolph and Michael Brock who purchased same from their father, Henry Brock. Deed Book DD, page 504

24 Aug 1831: Between John Hess and Catharine, his wife, and Andrew Zirkle two tracts of land for $4087.50, the second tract being a part which later was deeded to the Moores. Deed Book KK, page 356

15 Aug 1843: Joseph M. Moore, one of the ten heirs and sons of George Moore, dec'd., sold to Charles S. Wunder for $660 the home place and store building, it being a part of land of George Moore, dec'd., which was assigned to Joseph M. Moore in the division of the land.

16 Aug 1843: Between Andrew Zirkle and Lydia, his wife, and Reuben Moore for $56.25 a part of a large tract of 167 1/4 acres which was conveyed to Andrew Zirkle by John Hess & wife. Deed Book UU, page 93

15 Sep 1854: Between Solomon K. Moore and Wilma T., his wife, and Joseph Moore for the sum of $8,000 being a portion of land of Reuben Moore, dec'd., father of S.K. Moore and was willed to C.K. Moore containing 206 3/4 acres. Deed Book 2, page 262

1 Aug 1891: Between Mary H. Pence and Wm. A. Pence, her husband, Henry S. Wunder (by Mark B. Wunder, atty. in fact), Mark B. Wunder and Mary C., his wife, and Milton M. Wunder, parties of the first part, and Reuben Wunder, party of the second part, division of land, the home place going to M.M. Wunder - Storehouse (which was conveyed to Chas. S. Wunder, Sr.) by Joseph M. Moore Aug. 15, 1843, recorded in D.B. UU, p. 91. Deed Book 36, page 41

Physical Description

It is a one-story, oblong, brick building with metal roof and a brick chimney at one end. There are three windows having 12 panes 8x10. Each room has 2-panel doors.

There are two large rooms with ceiling height of ten feet, the walls are painted. The doors have plain butt-hinges and mitred locks. The floors are of wide boards.

Historical Significance

This is the only original building left on these premises built by the Moores. On this land is also a large Indian mound or grave which is very carefully guarded by the family. There is a great deal of family history connected with this place which is also carefully kept by the owner (1937).

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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