The Office of Mt. Airy

Location: Four miles south of Mt. Jackson, on Route 11, and one mile west on North River.

Built: circa 1772


10 Mar 1795: Tavenor Beale and Betty, his wife, sold to William Steenbergen, "Mt. Airy Estate", it being a part of two different tracts of land willed to Westley White by his father, William White, and said Westley White sold to Abraham Brewbecker and said Brewbecker by deed dated April 23 and 24, 1772, sold to Tavenor Beale.

14 Dec 1841: Elizabeth Steenbergen, widow of William Steenbergen, sold to John G. Meem, Sr.

20 Oct 1870: John G. Meem, Sr. sold to John G. Meem, Jr.

3 May 1876: John G. Meem, Jr. sold to John Southgate Lemmon.

20 May 1884: John Southgate Lemmon, trustee to Henry Grafton Dulaney, Jr.

1 Apr 1909: Arthur Herbert, etc., trustee under the last will of H.G. Dulaney, Jr., conveyed to S. Henley Carter.

20 Apr 1909: S. Henley Carter sold to Daniel Kelliher of Seattle, Washington.

Physical Description

The building is part of the Mt. Airy Estate and is built of sandstone and mortar. It was finished the same as the mansion.

Historical Significance

This office was used by the owners of Mt. Airy as an office, and all slaves were auctioned off here. It is now (1937) used as extra sleeping quarters when there are more guests than can be accommodated at the mansion.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 29 2001