The Nimrod Bowman Home

Location: Powell's Fort Valley, three miles south of the Detrick, Virginia post office, twelve miles east of Woodstock, Route 74

Built: circa 1800


9 Jan 1847: George Bowman's Will... Exec. to sell all his estate and divide equally among all the heirs.

Henry Burner, son-in-law, Nimrod Bowman, son, said to have owned it in turn. Nimrod Bowman lived there during the Civil War.

3 Apr 1899: Zachary Taylor bought from Nimrod Bowman for the sum of $2100 the farm which was purchased from the heirs with the exception of the graveyard lot of one fourth acre, in which the Bowmans are buried, and the right of way over the farm to the graveyard.

16 Feb 1907: Zachary Taylor and wife, Elizabeth, sold to J. Stanley Barr, for the sum of $2500, the farm known as the Nimrod Bowman Farm, 323 acres, the same right of way and reservation in regard to the graveyard.

Physical Description

This home has been rebuilt upon the old site, using all the old material possible, logs, doors, etc. The original house was rectangular in shape, with one story kitchen, connected by open entry to main part of the house. The original roof was shingle.

A gravel hill is back of the house, with broad open meadows surrounded by hills, stretching out from front and sides where wide porches afford a fine view for miles. A stream of water from a nearby spring runs through the yard.

Historical Significance

Nimrod Bowman hired Mr. Ben Baker as his substitute during the Civil War.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 30 2001