The Noah Bauserman Home

Location: Maurertown, Virginia, on the east side of Route 11

Built: circa 1856


15 Sep 1856: Peter Doll to Noah Saum. Deed Book ?, page 190

26 Mar 1860: Noah Saum to Noah Bauserman. Deed Book 6, page 190

Noah Bauserman to Sarah Bauserman. Deed Book 77, page 38

Sarah Bauserman died November 1, 1911; the property went to her three children, L.C. Bauserman, Russell P. Bauserman and Annie Schmucker Bauserman. L.C. Bauserman, et al, conveyed this property to Russell P. Bauserman December 20, 1911. Roy Bauserman being the only heir of Russell P. Bauserman, inherited the house and lot in Maurertown in which his father lived. Deed Book 77, page 38

Physical Description

In Charles Maurer's plat of Maurertown, all houses were built on one side of the road. A large ditch ran along the east side of the highway, and that part of the land was somewhat low and marshy.

Noah Bauserman's home was said to be the first house built on the east side of the town. It is three stories, the first being right on the ground; one step into the kitchen; the other part of the basement being used as a cellar. The floor is of irregular boards, while overhead are beams of heavy pine. An inside closed stairway ascends from this kitchen to the living room.

A long flight of steps leads to a high front porch on the second floor from which entrance is made into a broad hall with large living rooms on each side; these rooms have three foot wainscoting and wife four panel doors. A wide, easy stairway with carved decorations and a landing leads to the third floor bed rooms.

The walls are plastered and papered. The weatherboarding is plain; the windows are twelve small panes. The gabled roof is of tin, and the two inside chimneys are of brick.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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