The Nathan Runion House (a.k.a. The Sol Frye House)

Location: On the east side of Route 11 in Hawkinstown, Virginia

Built: Unknown


28 Sep 1853: John Coffelt and Sophia, his wife, sold to William Sigler and O.C. Billings land which was conveyed to John Coffelt by George Shrader March 9, 1840. Deed Book 1, page 523

20 Nov 1856: William Sigler and Mary, his wife, and O.C. Billings and Maria, his wife, sold to Samuel Lindawood.

28 Sep 1882: Samuel Lindawood and Barbara Ann, his wife, sold to Barbara Fry, wife of Solomon Fry. Deed Book 26, page 121

3 Aug 1916: Charles E. Rinker and Cora, his wife, sole heirs of Barbara Ann Fry, dec'd., sold to Nathan M. Runion. Deed Book 83, page 6

Physical Description

This house is an oblong, two-story log house with hip roof and metal roofing. A single chimney stands in the center of the house. Plain weatherboarding has been added. There are twelve windows with panes about 14x20. The porch has plain, solid columns and covers the front of the house. The entrance is a five-panel, two-cross door, while the back entrance has a two-panel door.

There are five small rooms and one large one, and the ceiling height is seven and one half feet. The boxed-in stairs have triangular stairs on turns. There is a step from the kitchen to room proper. some doors have five, and others, two panels, and there are also batten type. There are plain iron hinges and old time iron latches, one being of the iron knob variety. The wooden partitions are papered. The floors are of wide boards fastened with handmade nails. There is a wood fireplace mantel and frame, paneled and moulded. Hewn joists are very much in evidence. The large fireplace was torn out when the house was moved back at the time the Lee-Jackson Highway was built. The cellar has plain rock walls.

Historical Significance

In 1846 O.C. Billings was a lieutenant in the Mount Jackson Riflemen.

In 1848 William Sigler was authorized to run a woolen mill at or near Mount Jackson.

In 1861 Mrs. William Sigler and Mrs. O.C. Billings each gave 1 pk. tomatoes, 1 box pepper, 1 box mustard to Mount Jackson Hospital, according to Wayland's History of Shenandoah County.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 30 2001