The Old Brick Church

Location: Powell's Fort Valley, at Dry Run, nine miles east of Woodstock, Virginia.

Built: 1841


Daniel Munch donated the land. Built by community for church and school purposes.

Physical Description

This quaint little church with its plain batten shutters stands right by the road at Dry Run, opposite the school house. A wide gallery runs around three sides and is supported by champed posts and square balusters with overhead beams. The old pews are narrow and uncomfortable, consisting of one straight board for the seat and two boards for the back. A small pulpit stands on a low platform.

Historical Significance

The bricks for this church were made on land now owned (1937) by E.H. Munch. The gallery in the church was for the Negro slaves who accompanied their masters on Sundays. The structure is still in good state of preservation and is used for worship by the "Church of God", which is a free church and may be used by any denomination.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 30 2001