The Old Coffman Home

Location: Seven miles west of Woodstock, Virginia, on Route 261 to Calvary, then Route 605, turn right at Route 680.

Built: circa 1775


John Coffman had a Fairfax deed.

9 Mar 1833: John Coffman to Andrew Coffman

18 May 1858: Andrew Coffman to Reuben Coffman

8 Apr 1890: Reuben Coffman, deceased (intestate)

1908: Perry Coffman, deceased (intestate)

Charlie Coffman, son of Perry Coffman owned this house in 1937

Physical Description

This attractive home stands on a hillside, with the barn at the top of the hill and a fine spring of water, five feet deep, at the bottom of the hill. A narrow winding path leads from the house to the spring which is in a stone spring house. An abundant stream of clear cold water flows along the edge of the yard and is filled with water cress. Old gnarled paradise trees said to be over one hundred years old stand near the house.

The original woodwork is retained inside. The batten lined doors are studded along the crosses with home made nails. Beautifully designed brass latches and knobs are on some of the doors, while the iron coffee-mill handle locks are on others.

Historical Significance

One of the pioneer homes of six generations. It contains several antique pieces of furniture and pictures by Currier and Ives, among them are "The Hundred Leaf Rose" and "Martha" in walnut frames. There is also some very unusual china.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 30 2001