The Old Miller Home

Location: Woodstock, Virginia, on the east side of Main Street, third block south of the Court House.

Built: circa 1775


23 Nov 1772: Ulrich Miller and wife to Abraham Miller; Abraham Miller to Christian Miller (Christian Miller being the only heir of Abraham Miller)

27 Apr 1787: Christian Miller to Martin Miller

9 Jul 1799: Martin Miller to Philip Good

2 Jul 1806: Philip Good to George Shafer

7 Feb 1831: George Shafer to Mary Shafer

31 Mar 1838: Mary Shafer to Richard Proctor

27 Jan 1841: Richard Proctor to Henry Renner

9 Oct 1848: Henry Renner to Jacob Lichliter

1 Mar 1849: Jacob Lichliter & wife, and Conrad Lichliter and wife to Samuel Bauserman

30 Mar 1867: Samuel Bauserman & wife to Jacob Golladay

1 Apr 1867: Jacob Golliday to Abraham Bauserman

14 Jun 1870: Abraham Bauserman & wife to Hiram Bauserman and John H. Bauserman

7 Mar 1873: John H. Bauserman & wife to Hiram Bauserman

20 Feb 1883: Hiram Bauserman to Martha A. Feller

11 Apr 1898: H.C. Feller, Exec. of Martha A. Feller, w. T. Noss

15 Aug 1901: W.T. Noss and wife to I. Newton Brumbaugh and Pauley Ann Brumbaugh

8 May 1907: I. Newton Brumbaugh and wife, Rosa Elton Rhodes & Minnie Grace Brumbaugh

6 Oct 1920: Pauley Ann Brumbaugh & Minnie Grace Miller to Harriet H. and Ruth Bemis

8 Oct 1929: Harriet H. and Ruth Bemis to C. Frances Stephens

Physical Description

Constructed of logs and later weatherboarded, this house has been added to at different times until little of the original structure remains, except some old doors. The front door has the six-panel, two-cross door, set in a more modern side lights and transom frame, with a stoop to the street. Two large outside chimneys remain, but most of the house has been remodeled.

Historical Significance

This home is said to have been built by the pioneer Millers, probably the founders of Woodstock. Abraham Miller may be identified with confidence as a member of Clark's little army of 1778-9, in the conquest of the northwest. Abraham Miller is listed in the roll of Capt. Joseph Bowman's Company, dated Feb. 25, 1778, discharged Aug. 1778, having 1200 miles to go home.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 30 2001