The Old Stoner Home (a.k.a. the Sidney Baker Home)

Location: Fisher's Hill, Virginia, on Route 601

Built: circa 1760 or 1770


Frederick C. Stoner was the original owner of this home prior to 1770.

11 Apr 1809: Philip Snapp sold to William Stoner ... land which was conveyed to Philip Snapp by John and Magdalene Snapp by deed dated Dec. 10, 1798. Deed Book R, page 66

William Stoner's will or deed for this property could not be found. His son, Abraham Stoner, came into possession of it. There were several Abraham Stoners prior to the following:

13 Oct 1862: Abraham Stoner wills and desires that his real estate be sold after the death of his wife and the money be divided between his nieces and nephews. ... Catherine Fetzer, Eliza Washburn, John Frederick Stoner and Catherine Stoner. Will Book 10, page 1

The person who owned this property in 1937, bought out the other heirs after long court proceedings.

Physical Description

This two and one half story log house has a metal gabled roof with one brick outside chimney and three small flues inside. There are eighteen windows with four 12x24 panes. The small front porch has fancy cornice and small turned posts.

The house has three large and four small rooms with eight foot ceilings. The single flight stairway is plain with a square newel. There is a cellar under part of the house with packed ground floor. The doors are six-panel, two-cross; four-panel, one-cross and a remodeled pine door with long iron bar hinges, brass knobs and hand made nails on the older ones. The walls are papered over wide beaded boards, some boards being 18 inches in width. The floors are wide heavy pine boards.

Historical Significance

This home was in the line of battle around Fisher's Hill and it was used as a hospital. Blood stains are still on the walls. A shell lodged in the wall and is still there (1937).

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 30 2001